Book Review – Why Mummy Drinks


Why Mummy Drinks is the brilliant novel from Gill Sims, the author of the online sensation, Peter and Jane. Boy Child Peter, Girl Child Jane and Daddy have exciting adventures with Mummy. Daddy likes gadgets. Peter and Jane like starting fires, trying to kill each other and driving Mummy to drink. Written from the point of view of an exhausted mummy at the end of the day, it’s honest, it’s funny, and it’s a little bit sweary. It is Mummy’s 39th birthday. She is staring down the barrel at a future of people asking if she wants to come to their yoga class, and book clubs, where everyone is wearing statement scarves and they are all ‘tiddly’ after a glass of Pinot Grigio. But Mummy does not want to go quietly into that good night of women with sensible haircuts who ‘live for their children’, boasting about Boy Child and Girl Child’s achievements. Instead, she clutches a large glass of wine, muttering FML over and over, and then remembers the gem of an idea she’s had…

I can only think of one word to describe this book… HILARIOUS! I have never read a book that made me laugh so much, I could feel the tears falling as I shook uncontrollably after reading the vomit incident.

Gill Sims gives us a refreshing take on parenting and the dark thoughts we all have but may never admit to. It is a genuine read and although my little one is under one I  felt myself relating to many of the characters. I loved Hannah and Sam for their candid nature as well as Louisa and her hippie brood bringing chaos everywhere they went.

There does seem to be this pressure for all parents to be perfect and as a new mum I often find myself wondering if others are judging me for my approach to parenthood. I decided to return to work after 8 weeks as I am self employed and my husband changed his job so we could manage child care between us. Some have found this a strange approach and I could see them almost thinking but not saying “You let your husband have three months off work to look after your son whilst you went to work? Don’t you feel like you’ve let your son down by not being around?” My answer is no because we are in the 21st century so why can’t I return to work and why shouldn’t my husband have alone time with his son? At the end of the day each new set of parents finds what ever routine works best for them and there is nothing wrong with that.

One important message that I have taken from this book is there is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Mummy’. There is just a mum and/or dad trying their best and although we may not do everything correctly we learn from our mistakes so as long as your child grows up to be a well balanced human being I think you can give yourself a big pat on the back, knowing you did your best.

This book is due for release 19th October and I would recommend that every parent read this, not only will it having you laughing continuously, it will restore your faith in you as a parent and let you know that you are not alone in the world. We are all just trying to figure out this parenting thing one day at a time.



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