Book Review – Children’s Picture Books

Hello bookworms, I decided to change things up a bit and read a collection of children’s books. With my little one approaching one it’s time for me to start adding to his already reasonably sized book collection. I love the simplicity of children’s books and the bright, colourful illustrations always seem very engaging. Here are just a few that I have read today that you should be on the look out for over the next few months.

  1. My Bed – Anita Bijsterbosch (Publish Date 1st April 2018)


This delightful story is all about a reindeer trying to find his bed, but every bed he sleeps in always belongs to another animal.

2. Sammy in the Spring – Anita Bijsterbosch (Publish Date 1st March 2018)

Sammie-in-de-lente-2-1Another bright and colourful picture book all about the different things that Sammy the cat likes to do in Spring.

3. Open the Suitcase – Ruth Wielockx (Publish Date 1st April 2018)


An interactive lift the flap picture book that teaches children about different animals as well as different jobs. There are plenty of talking points in this book that will engage children.

4. Polar Bear Postman – Seigo Kijima (Publish Date 1st November 2017)


One day Milk, the polar bear postman, receives a postcard asking for his help. We follow Milk as he tries to help two crane birds find their lost chick.

5. Happy Birthday! – Mamoru Suzuki (Publish Date 1st October 2017)


Another beautiful picture book, with soft illustrations, that shows the stages a child goes through in their first year. A great educational book that all the family will enjoy reading.

Have you read any children’s books that you enjoyed lately?



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