The Ultimate Recommendations Book Tag

Happy Christmas Eve! I thought this tag would be very appropriate for the end of year. All of my answers are based on books I have read this year. If you fancy giving this a go then consider yourself tagged! Rules Thank the person who nominated youAnswer all the questions down belowPingback to the creator:... Continue Reading →

Spell the Month in Books – December

Welcome to another month of Spell the Month in Books. The idea is to spell the month using the first letter from books. This has become a monthly feature on my blog and I am using books that I have either read or have added to my reading list and in some cases omitting words... Continue Reading →

Stay At Home Book Tag

Hello, readers! This tag was originally created by @PaperbackMary (aka Princess of Paperback on Youtube). If you want to give it a go then consider yourself tagged!! Q1. LAYING IN BED … the book you could or have read in a single day This was an exceptional debut that I read in one day! Loved it so much Q2. SNACKING … pick a book that’s... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Book Tag

I originally saw this on the Literary Huntress blog and as an avid Gooodreads user I thought it would be fun to try. WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU MARKED AS READ? WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING? WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU MARKED AS TBR? WHAT BOOK DO YOU PLAN TO READ NEXT? DO... Continue Reading →

ORIGINAL Horrible Histories Book Tag

Horrible Histories started out as a book series written by Terry Deary. Deary hated the way history was taught in schools: kids forced to learn boring sets of sanitised facts about kings, queens and other powerful people with all the interesting bits left out and nothing about how ordinary people lived, ate, had fun, buried their... Continue Reading →

The Bookshelf Book Tag

Hello Bookworms! I originally saw this tag on Flowers In The Brain. I love tags, especially ones that get me looking at my bookcase differently! Lets get started.... Describe your bookshelf and where you got it from- My bookcases are cheap ones from Argos but my lovely dad took them apart and rebuilt them so I... Continue Reading →

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