Book Review – 13 Reasons Why

“No one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people. Often we have no clue. Yet we push it just the same. – Jay Asher”

High school student Hannah Baker committed suicide and decided to leave behind, a rather long note, explaining the reasons that led up to that decision. Her suicide note is left in the form of tapes and they are being delivered to the people that she believes were responsible in her decision making. We follow Clay through the story and witness his reaction as he learns of Hannah’s 13 reasons why….


I originally came across this book after seeing the tv series advertised on Netflix. Knowing that it all started with a book I decided to wait to watch the series till I had read the book.

I was not disappointed. After reading the first chapter I raced through the book, reading every horrible story and wondering what Clay had to do with it all. Part of me was hoping that there would be some big twist and Hannah would still be alive at the end but then that would mean all those people, who played their part, could breath a sigh of relief.

I would advise every teen, approaching high school, to read this book as its message is very clear.  What can start off as a silly prank can soon have a snowball effect and it may make people think twice before they speak or act.

I am now looking forward to watching the tv series to see how similar it is, or isn’t, to the book. Have any of you read this or watched the series? What did you think of either or both of them?



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