Book Review – The Futures

The Futures is Anna Pitoniak’s debut novel and was published 4th May 2017. Set in New York we follow the story of Evan and Julia, two college graduates embarking on adulthood and all the highs and lows it brings….


As a general fiction book I was worried that the story wouldn’t grab me as much as my typical go to book however I found myself drawn into Julia and Evan’s story from the start. It was a typical college romance and although this book is about how their relationship develops it is not solely focused on it. The entire book is told from the POV’s of Julia and Evan, which I found interesting. I would read a chapter from Julia and feel sorry for her and find myself resenting Evan quite a lot but then I’d turn the page and read Evan’s chapter, then I’d dislike Julia quite a bit and sympathise with Evan. Even until the end I was conflicted between the characters as I read their struggles and disappointments I was willing them to pull through and come out the other side happily ever after.

I think anyone embarking on adult life could relate to this, I know that as a new adult the   questions everyone would ask me were always about my future; where did I want to work, where would I live, where did I see myself in 5 years? It’s a stage of our lives that we all have to go through and The Futures gives us one couples take on it.

I give this 4* overall and thank NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book.



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