Book Review – If My Moon Was Your Sun

This is the 2nd book in my summer reading challenge. This time I chose a children’s book. This is not due for release until 1st November 2017 but I would definitely add it to your list. This book comes with an audiobook and CD of classical music, to listen to whilst reading, which I think is brilliant!


This book tells the story of Max, a little boy, whose grandfather has dementia. One day Max decides to kidnap his grandfather from his nursing home and take him on an adventure. This is a very touching story and shows the special bond between children and their grandparents. I felt myself tearing up a little when reading this as I have had family members who suffered with dementia and to see the way Max saw his grandfather’s illness was so sweet.

The fact that this author has included classical music as well is such a great idea. Most children don’t listen to enough classical music and with the beautiful illustrations there will be plenty to engage the child whilst reading.



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