Once Upon A Grimm Readathon Announcement!

Hello fellow bookworms!

Anyone who is a regular follower of my blog will know I love taking part in reading challenges so when @OnceUponADee tweeted, a few months ago, looking for someone to help co-host a Grimm’s readathon I jumped on the opportunity straight away. After lots of organising and discussions the readathon is finally ready!

This readathon will start on January 1st and last the whole month. There are four teams to choose from, each with their own prompts. You can read the prompts in any order and for every prompt you complete you gain points for your team. The main prompts are worth 10pts, Group book 20pts and Bonus Read 5pts. Once you have finished the four main prompts you can move on to another team’s board and gain and additional 5pts for each read! So here are the teams:

First up is @OnceUponADee who has chosen Thumbelina as her fairy tale adventure

For our next team we have Hansel and Gretel captained by @bookenthusiast3

The third team is Cinderella who’s captain is @kjandherbooks

Finally we have my team and I have chose Rapunzel as my fairytale!

Fancy giving it a go? All you have to do is head over to the Once Upon a Grimm Twitter page, where you find all the information and sign up! Alternatively you can sign up using the link here. Keep a look out for my TBR post that will be coming up very soon!


6 thoughts on “Once Upon A Grimm Readathon Announcement!

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  1. As I was sorting out what challenges I want to participate in during 2021, I decided I was not going to do seasonal type or monthly challenges, then you post this and I am already breaking my rule. This looks too good to pass up, Lucy. I am registering for Rapunzel. When will we know what the Group read is?

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