Blog Tour – Poppy Loves Devon

Title: Poppy Loves Devon

Author: Gillian Young

Genre: Children’s Fiction/ Middle Grade

My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Source: ARC


Poppy wants to befriend anything that moves, but she’s never successful. It seems all the other animals find her too big, loud and boisterous. Dad is convinced she needs a playmate, but Poppy’s unsure. She enjoys the fuss and attention from her family so much, she is not willing to share. The choice is taken away from her when one day a puppy comes a long. However, Poppy soon discovers the puppy is lost and alone. Her big heart and caring nature kicks in when she discovers a monster lurking in a nearby wood. Poppy must act fast to save the farm, her family–and the puppy. Meanwhile, a handsome border collie ticks all the boxes as the ‘perfect’ dog–but is he? Poppy Loves Devon follows her pursuit of making friends but not realising what’s under her very nose.

My Review:

I’d like to thank Literally PR for contacting me to take part in this blog tour.

Poppy Loves Devon follows the sweet golden retriever Poppy as she embarks on her family holiday to Devon. Written entirely from Poppy’s point of view we get to see a whole new side to our four legged friends world. As an owner of two Jack Russell’s I can honestly say that I have often wondered what they are thinking and why are they suddenly barking for no reason? Gillian Young brings all these typical canine behaviours to the forefront and shows us just what our loyal companions could be thinking.

Poppy is very keen to please and can not wait to start her holiday but she soon runs into some trouble. We meet many other characters along the way, all of which have their own quirky personality to match Poppy’s. Some of the dogs like Oliver and Olive are a little more friendly but it’s Samson that has caught Poppy’s eye, despite the grumpy attitude!

Despite not wanting to share her family, even with Buttercup, Poppy’s softer side appears when she finds a little pup in the woods. Here we see the all too familiar moments us pet owners have experienced, when introducing a new pet to the family. What will Poppy make of this new pup? Where is the pups owner?

This sweet story depicts the day to day life of a holiday adventure with our family. From coaxing your dog into the sea to ice creams along the beach, there is plenty for families to relate to.

Author Info:

Gillian Young is a full-time writer and illustrator of children’s middle-grade fiction. Gillian has always been passionate about writing and art. Following art college, she worked as a Graphic Artist. During this time, she settled down, got married and had two children. Becoming a mother reintroduced her to the magic of children’s fiction. Every night she’d read Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny to her kids. Eventually, she had the idea of writing stories of her own. To be an author was still her dream-that had never gone away. Snatches of time between going to work and taking care of the children were spent bent over her laptop writing-until2015…A battle with cancer led Gillian to re-evaluate her life. Writing was her medicine and it was because of this that she decided to ‘go for it ’ and focus on becoming an author. Much of Gillian’s work is inspired by her golden retrievers who have achieved some fame around the world through their Instagram page(crazy.cream.retrievers). Following her previous books, Poppy on Safari, and Tammy and Willow, Gillian has appeared on radio and magazines talking both about her books and her experiences fighting and defeating the big ‘C’. Gillian lives with her family in Worcestershire

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  1. I enjoy books from an animal’s POV. I had a Jack Russell, Lucy. He was 16 when the vet suggested we consider putting him out of his misery. He had arthritis so bad and was almost completely blind and deaf. I still miss him after two years.

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