Series Saturday – February

Hello bookworms!

I have decided to start a new monthly feature on my blog called Series Saturday. I was amazed at how many book series I had on my shelf and thought it was about time I shared them with you all. Each month I will choose one series to feature. This may be a series I have read and loved or am yet to read. This month I have decided to share a series that all mum’s out there can relate to…..

I stared reading these books after I had my first child and whilst I was a few years behind Ellen and her crazy life I felt seen. Gill Sims exposes that dark and gritty secrets of motherhood and tells us it’s okay to dislike our darling moppets!

For anyone not familiar with this series here is the synopsis of the first book Why Mummy Drinks….

It is Mummy’s 39th birthday. She is staring down the barrel at a future of people asking if she wants to come to their yoga class, and book clubs, where everyone is wearing statement scarves and they are all ‘tiddly’ after a glass of Pinot Grigio. But Mummy does not want to go quietly into that good night of women with sensible haircuts who ‘live for their children’, boasting about Boy Child and Girl Child’s achievements. Instead, she clutches a large glass of wine, muttering FML over and over, and then remembers the gem of an idea she’s had…

What do I love about this series?

Every book in this series has made me cry of laughter, I can guarantee that by the end of the first chapter the tears will be falling. Diving into one of Gill Sim’s books is like sitting down to have a good catch up with your friends, there’s something homely and familiar about it. Sure there will be plenty of laughter’s and a few tears but ultimately you will have a great time. Whether your children are new-borns, toddler, teenagers or adults there will be something for you to relate to in these books.

Of all the books I think my favourite is the last one. Whilst I was sad about the journey coming to an end I do think Gill Sims wrote a very fitting ending and it was an emotional one that I shall store for future moments.

Have you read the Why Mummy series? Which Is your favourite book in the collection?

Fancy sharing a series on your shelf? Why not join in?


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