Author Bio – Matt Haig

Hello everyone!

This year I have decided to do a monthly blog about some of my favourite authors, some are old favourites and others are new to the book world. Each month I will be giving a brief outline about them, books of theirs I have read and why I like them. I hope you enjoy the authors I have chosen and hopefully my post will inspire some of you to pick up one of their books. Lets get started!

Name: Matt Haig

Nationality: British

Genre: Male

Books Read: The Midnight Library

Why I Like Them: 

I have seen a lot of Matt Haig’s books across social media but The Midnight Library really caught my attention. Probably because the title was book related! As I saw more and more reviews I decided to give it a go and I fell in love. The book was beautifully written and the concept was brilliant, the perfect book to escape into! I’m going to try a few more of Matt Haig’s books and I really hope they are as good as this one.

Which of Matt Haig’s books can you recommend?


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  1. I also loved The Midnight Library, Lucy. I listened to A Boy Called Christmas, the first book in his children’s trilogy and it was good. I am going to listen to or read the final two this season.

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