Blog Tour – Stone Ruins and City Smoke

Title: Stone Ruins and City Smoke Author: Charlie Martyn Synopsis: Recovering agoraphobic, Tom Maynard, runs a converted Cornish tin mine in Sennen Cove as a rural retreat for the rich and famous. Melanie Taylor runs a successful London hotel, and wants to buy shares in the property he developed in his late wife's memory, but... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Lethal Legacy

Title: Lethal Legacy Author: H.R. Kemp Synopsis: When Innocent questions have dangerous answers. Laura’s life is plunged into turmoil when her husband, Tom, dies suddenly. On that same night, an intruder steals files from his home office. He’d been researching his previous employer’s Iraqi operations but hadn’t shared his concerns with Laura. Why would anyone... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – A Head Full of Magic

Title: A Head Full of Magic Author: Sarah Morrell Genre: Middle Grade/ Fantasy/ Magic My Rating: ★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: "A Hexter is someone who has magic." Nan smiled at me. "Like you." Fleur is used to balancing her two different cultures - from her English Mum to her West Indian Nan - but when she... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Recursion

Title: Recursion Author: David J Harrison Synopsis: Everything that is going to happen already has.  During a disruption in the timeline of a sleepy Lake District village, the erratic and strung-out artist Haruki Kensagi cannot help but feel that he’s been here before, either in his past or in his future.  Haruki, struggling with both... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Confessions of A Helicopter Mummy

Title: Confessions of A Helicopter Mummy Author: Catherine Bruton Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Women's Fiction/ Humour My Rating: ★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: Fun-loving, intelligent, sexy journalist and single mum... seeks companionship (ideally), love (possibly), sex (definitely maybe!); laughter (compulsory).... with like-minded, clever, cute middle-aged single man (no ‘still-married-but-my-wife-doesn’t-get-me’s need apply) Ideally based in the SW… Parenting journalist... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – A Life for a Life

Title: A Life for a Life (Detective Kate Young #3) Author: Carol Wyer Genre: Mystery & Thriller My Rating: ★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: Nobody can get into the mind of an erratic killer—except an unpredictable detective. When a young man is found lying on a station platform with a hole in his head, DI Kate Young... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Certain Truths

Title: Certain Truths Author: Stephanie Wyler Genre: Mystery & Thriller My Rating: ★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: Jackson Berman’s career as a criminal defense attorney was exploding.  He was widely reputed to be defender of the innocent and protector of the rights of the guilty.  The rightly and wrongly accused wanted him in their corner.  But his... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – If She Wakes

Title: If She Wakes (Harlow #2) Author: Erik Therme Genre: Mystery & Thriller My Rating: ★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: Who do you trust when everyone is lying? My name is Tess Parker. Two days ago, I was in a car accident with my sister-in-law, Torrie. Before she slipped into a coma, she asked my husband and... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Black Cake

Title: Black Cake Author: Charmaine Wilkerson Genre: Historical Fiction My Rating: ★★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: Eleanor Bennett won't let her own death get in the way of the truth. So when her estranged children - Byron and Benny - reunite for her funeral in California, they discover a puzzling inheritance. First, a voice recording in which... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour – Tinker Tailor Soldier Chef

Title: Tinker Tailor Soldier Chef Author: Philip Brady Genre: Mystery & Thriller My Rating: ★★★★ Source: ARC Synopsis: BOND MEETS BAKE-OFF IN A FAST-MOVING COMEDY CAPERSomeone’s going around killing celebrities and London’s police don’t have a clue.  With outrange mounting on social media, disgraced copper DI Mark Henwell, is thrown a chance to save his career... Continue Reading →

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