Blog Tour – Strays

Title: Strays

Author: Janeen Leese – Taylor


A murder without evidence, a secret that could topple society and a cop with a bit of a coffee habit!

Three things were certain in the mind of Officer Theodore Night:
One: There’s a serial killer loose in Portstewart
Two: His new friend is a werewolf
Three: He’s in way over his head

When bloody paw prints at a crime scene leads Officer Night to consider the impossible, he must rely not only on his years of investigative experience, but on the local werewolf pack, for help.
An unlikely friendship gives Night the edge he needs to prevent an all-out war. Has Blair, the mysterious barista from Bean and Gone, caused him to bite off more than he can chew?

Teaser Extract

The woman moved into the light with swaying hips, revealing the hood that covered her head and
the long, purple skirt that hugged her toned legs, “You were supposed to be afraid,” she continued,
her tone like that of a cat playing with a field mouse, “Drop your keys, cower, and cry for help. Cocky
is much less fun.” “Sorry to disappoint,” Theo took another puff of his cigarette before dropping the
butt and crushing it, “But I’m not really the cowering type.” The wolf’s eyes glowed in the dark,
reflecting the light around her. She ran two gloved hands along the sides of her waist, her hips, in an
almost sensual movement, “Why not come over here and test that theory of yours, Officer Night? I
guarantee I can have your legs quaking.” Theo scoffed, reaching into his pocket, and wrapping a
hand around the ball of assorted keys resting there, “Such a flirt,” he teased, “Well, if you want my
car so bad, take it!” He tossed the keychain towards the wolf’s dark shape and darted to the side,
sprinting across the carpark and out towards the town. He curled his fingers around the chain-link
fence and swung his body towards the row of houses that lined the main street. He could hear the
creature’s growl as if she were right at his neck and he took the next right at the bridal shop, hoping
he could steer her towards the darkened backstreets. A piece of slate toppled to the ground in front
of him and smashed and he jerked his head towards the rooftops of the businesses nearby, catching
the shape of the woman as she leapt from building to building on all fours. He swerved to avoid the
shrapnel toppling from under her and backed off towards the secluded church yard. She landed
behind him with the poise of a tiger stalking a wild boar, illuminated from behind by the glow of the
red and green Spar sign like it was the setting sun over the East Siberian Taiga. A hand reached up to
tug down her hood, the fingers growing long and monstrous with each movement. Sharp, curved
claws extended from the nail bed, splitting the skin like shoots from dry earth. Moonlight brushed
across her face, the beautiful features lengthening outwards into a snout. Rows and rows of teeth
were barely concealed inside her furry maw. Her entire body appeared to twist and crack, each bone
snapping and resetting. Muscles stretched beyond their human limits, causing their owner to snarl in
pain. At last, the whites of her eyes grew black, concealing the remnants of her human visage inside.
Theo took a few more steps back from her as he tried to catch his breath. He could see the outline of
the empty buildings behind him, their staff long since retired for the weekend, and he quickly
scanned the carpark outside for any signs of life. I have to keep her away from the main street, he
thought, there are still too many people out there. He barely had time to gather himself before she
was swiping in his direction again, the tip of a claw catching on his tie and sending him sprawling
across the ground. He swore under his breath as he rolled, the contents of his belt flying off in
multiple directions. His handgun rolled beneath the shadowy bottom of a parked Subaru, the metal
clanging as it bounced and then lay prone. “Just my luck,” he grumbled as his right hand reached
uselessly for it. The werewolf was on him in an instant and he let out a reactive shout as he felt her
pin him to the ground with wide, bony fingers. He rolled his hips and kicked upwards to create any
semblance of space, hearing a satisfying clack as he sent her bottom jaw snapping into the top of her
mouth. Her split second of hesitation gave him the chance to wriggle free, getting his legs under him
and swinging a haymaker from the ground to the side of her jaw, driving with his legs as he stood to
put as much force into the motion as he could. The right hook took her in the snout, and she roared
as she shifted to one side, two teeth sent clattering along the ground. Blood splashed onto the
tarmac in black puddles as she reared her head up again, snarling. Her brow dipped downwards as
she narrowed her eyes towards him, wiping a fur covered hand across her mouth, “Athhole!” the
wolf shrieked as she tongued her exposed, bleeding gums, “You bloke my fluckin’ teef.” Theo
exhaled a breathy laugh, shaking his aching fist like it might dispel some of the pain of the impact,
“In all fairness, you were trying to bite me.”

Author Info:

Janeen is an Irish author born and raised on the scenic Causeway Coast. Curious, and with a great love for adventure, Jan spent her childhood climbing trees and talking to her imaginary friends, many of whom have now found a home in her writing.

She has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and works for gaming companies around the world. She is a lover of all things fantasy and aims to bring some magic to the places that she visits in her writing. Portstewart, Dublin and Chester City each feature prominently in both her travels and her writing, and her stories often draw from real life places that have captured her heart.

As an ultramarathon runner, Jan often writes on the go, using her trusty phone and stylus to craft scenes that come to her after hours on her feet. 

She lives with her husband, Liam, their Border Collie-Cross, Zarya, and their Guinea Pig, (Peek-A) Boo, who they all fear will one day take over the world!

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