Audiobook Review – The Woman on the Pier

Title: The Woman on the Pier

Author: B P Walter

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Goodreads Rating: 3.28

My Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Source: Audiobook


Two strangers meet on the pier
Only one walks away…

Screenwriter Caroline Byrne is desperate to know why her daughter Jessica died, murdered in Stratford when she was supposed to be at a friend’s in Somerset.

When Caroline discovers the messages Jessica had been sending a boy named Michael, she realises it’s because of him. Because he failed to meet her that day.

He’s the reason why her daughter is dead.

And so she makes a choice. He’s the one who’s going to pay.

That is her promise. Her price.

Set between Essex, Kent, and Australia, The Pier is a dark suspense thriller brimming with secrets and lies seeping across three generations. A must-read for fans of Lucy Foley and Rosamund Lupton

My Review:

After reading The Dinner Guest I knew I wanted to read the rest of BP Walter’s backlog and with his new book due to be published I couldn’t think of a better time to try one. I found this on audio and dived straight in.

The Woman on the Pier is a tale of a mother’s grief and anguish, whilst on a journey to discover the truth. Caroline is coping with the loss of her daughter after a terrorist attack in London and whilst the grief is unbearable what Caroline can’t bring herself to ask is why did her daughter lie to her? Jessica was never meant to be near the train station and after discovering messages on her daughter’s phone Caroline feels she is one step closer to the truth.

It’s safe to say that Caroline loses it a bit during this story. The length she goes to in an attempt to discover the truth are unreal and show just how grief stricken she is. I also did not like her husband and the games he played with Caroline. On more than one occasion I found myself growing in frustration at his manipulation and wanted Caroline to be rid of him.

As well as getting Caroline’s POV we also hear from ‘the boy’ that Jessica was meeting. I actually found Michael’s chapters very interesting and felt sympathy for him and his brother. The life they were living was not one you would wish on anyone and in Michael’s case I felt that he needed to get out of that home and make his own way in life.

BP Walter certainly takes us on a whirlwind and brings out twist after twist in this story. I didn’t find it flowed as well as the Dinner Guest but it was an enjoyable story nonetheless.


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