Blog Tour – The M Word

Title: The M Word

Author: Eileen Wharton

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction/ Humour

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Source: ARC


Roberta Gallbreath is middle aged and menopausal. She dislikes her children, detests her ex-husband and despises her colleagues.

When her mother dies, Roberta is left with a pile of letters and a mystery surrounding her son. The letters reveal Roberta’s heritage is not what it seems and she is soon on a mission to become a better person.

Told with humour and emotion, The M Word is the tale of one woman’s journey to find out where she came from. As she looks to the past for answers, more questions are raised. Will Roberta discover who she really is?

My Review:

I’d like to thank Zoe from Zooloo’s Book Tours for contacting me to be involved in this blog tour.

When I started this book I thought I would be reading the life of a woman knocking on the door of 50 trying to navigate the world of the menopause. I had expected to laugh and maybe sympathise with some of her stories from life as a mother. What I hadn’t expected was the emotional level of this story and the complex relationships it reveals.

Our protagonist Roberta certainly isn’t backwards about going forward. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of the fall out which does not always work in her favour. She struggled to be nice and when she does try, especially in the case of her children, it seems to backfire. Whilst I did not always appreciate Roberta’s harsh sarcasm she did make me giggle with some of the situations she found herself in.

When Roberta begins to read the letters from her mother you start to understand where her harshness comes from and how different traits can filter down through a family. I really enjoyed Alice’s letters to Michael and seeing Roberta’s reaction, Alice had clearly concealed that part of her life very well.

Eileen has written and book filled with humour, sarcasm, wit and the clever observations of every day life. I flew through this book and couldn’t wait to see how it all worked out for Roberta, lets just say there are a few surprises! I hope there is going to be a second book in this series and from the way it has been left I think there might be.

Author Info:

Eileen Wharton is an Oscar winning actress, Olympic gymnast, and Influencer. She also tells lies
for a living. Her first novel was published in 2011 to worldwide critical acclaim. And she’s won
awards for exaggeration. It did top the Amazon humour chart so she’s officially a best-selling
author. She currently has five ‘lively’ offspring ranging from thirty-three to fourteen years of age,
and has no plans to procreate further, much to the relief of the local schools and police force.
She lives on a council estate in County Durham. She has never eaten kangaroo testicles, is
allergic to cats and has a phobia of tinned tuna. She’s retired from arguing with people on the

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