Book Review – The Anomaly

Title: The Anomaly

Author: Herve Le Tellier

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Thriller & Mystery

Goodreads Rating: 3.85

My Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Source: Paperback


In June 2021, a senseless event upends the lives of hundreds of men and women, all passengers on a flight from Paris to New York. Among them: Blake, a respectable family man, though he works as a contract killer; Slimboy, a Nigerian pop star tired of living a lie; Joanna, a formidable lawyer whose flaws have caught up with her; and Victor Miesel, a critically acclaimed yet commercially unsuccessful writer who suddenly becomes a cult hit. All of them believed they had double lives. None imagined just how true that was.

This witty variation on the doppelgänger theme, which takes us on a journey from Lagos and Mumbai to the White House, is Hervé Le Tellier’s most ambitious work yet.

My Review:

I read this book as part of the Bert’s Book Club for September and was very intrigued by it. I was keen to see how the story played out and dive into a little bit of sci-fi.

At the start of the story we are introduced to many different characters and gain a little bit of their backstory. I found this part of the story a little slow to start as I was struggling to keep track of everyone but at the same time I wanted to know what role they each played in the duplicated plane.

As the second plane joins the story it becomes clear that each of the passengers on board has a choice to make and this will have a huge effect on the rest of their lives. Will David get the early cancer diagnosis he missed the first time round? Will Sophia reveal a secret that has been troubling her? Will Lucie and Andre make it this time?

I enjoyed aspects of this story but I found that the author only touched on the surface of some very interesting characters and I waned more from them. The science of it all and the religious aspect went completely over my head, I actually didn’t care how the plane had been duplicated I just wanted to see what the fall out of it was.

It was an interesting read and the book chat was very interesting but lacked in some areas for me.


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