Audiobook Review – The Prank

Title: The Pranl

Author: L.V. Matthews

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Goodreads Rating: 3.89

My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Source: Audiobook


What happens when reality TV goes wrong? El Greene is about to find out.

El lives a quiet life in London until a chance encounter leads her to discover a link between a hit reality TV show and her father’s death.

El realises she can orchestrate the perfect revenge but her pursuit soon turns to obsession and she doesn’t seem to know how to stop. Her drive for destruction means risking her life, and the lives of those closest to her . . .

My Review:

After reading and enjoying The Twins by L.V Matthews I decided to have a look at her previous book The Prank. As it was available on Scribd I opted for the audio again.

This story follows El and her quest for revenge. El was quite happy living her normal life and working her job until a chance encounter changed everything. Meeting the person El believes is responsible for her father’s death sparks a need for revenge that El didn’t know she had. With the help of her online friend El sets her plan into action.

I loved the concept of the story and the tv show The Prank, it showed the worst in people and how horrifying reality tv can be but it delved deeper than that. El’s journey showed the after affects of appearing on shows such as these and how damaging they can be. I will admit that I was egging El on and could completely understand her need for revenge. What she had witnessed no one should have to go through.

The only stumbling point for me was the waiting for the action to get started. At points during the audio I did find my mind beginning to wonder and didn’t feel as pulled into the story as I had hoped. I would say that this is a slow burn thriller so perhaps I needed something with a little more pulse at the time.

What I will say is the end of the story packs a punch and it feels that all the simmering was leading up to the big finale.


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