20 Books of Summer Book 20 Review – Isaac and the Egg

Title: Isaac and the Egg

Author: Bobby Palmer

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Goodreads Rating: 4.36

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Source: ARC


This is the story of Isaac and the Egg, a grieving young man and his unforgettable new friend, who meet at exactly the right time.

Isaac stands alone on a bridge and screams.

Something screams back.

And that, like everything which follows, is unforgettable.

This is a book about a lot of things – grief, hope, friendship, love. It’s also about what you’d do if you stumbled into the woods at dawn, found something extraordinary there, and decided to take it home.

It’s a tale that might seem familiar. But how it speaks to you will depend on how you’ve lived until now.

Sometimes, to get out of the woods, you have to go into them. Isaac and the Egg is one of the most hopeful, honest and wildly imaginative novels you will ever read.

My Review:

I’d like to thank NetGalley for approving me for an ARC of this book. I have heard so much about this book and couldn’t wait to read it. When I found out that Bobby Palmer was going to be at my local book store (Bert’s Books) I had to go any get myself a signed copy.

I honestly do not know what to say about this book except WAWOO!

I knew going into it that it would be sad and I was fully prepared to be sobbing into my tissues but what I hadn’t expected was to cry of laughter and feel that wave of nostalgia. I felt that the author had gone back through my childhood and pulled out all the memorable shows/films from that time. We had E.T., Titanic, Simpsons and so many more I couldn’t help but smile at all the happy memories that brought back.

We know from the blurb that Isaac is dealing with a loss and in the midst of his grief he finds an egg, which he decides to call Egg. The relationship between these two characters is sublime. The way the communicate and the care they feel for each other just melted my heart. It is true, Bobby Palmer has written a weird but wonderful book about a man and an egg and I am here for all the wackiness that entails. Yes you will question at times what you are reading and yes there is more to this story than meets the eye. It’s beautiful and relatable but it’s not all doom and gloom.

I was a full on mess at the end, the tears were falling and they would not stop. As a debut this is stunning and it has me even more excited about what Bobby Palmer will write next. He is definitely an author to watch and if you haven’t read this yet then you need to. As Joanna Cannon said

“It’s a story for anyone who has ever lost somebody, or has ever lost their way!.


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