20 Books of Summer Book 12 Review – Misrule

Title: Misrule (Malice #2)

Author: Heather Walter

Genre:  Fantasy/ Romance/ LGBTQIA+

Goodreads Rating: 3.98

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Source: Hardcover


Does true love break curses or begin them? The dark sorceress of “Sleeping Beauty” reclaims her story in this sequel to Malice.

The Dark Grace is dead.

Feared and despised for the sinister power in her veins, Alyce wreaks her revenge on the kingdom that made her an outcast. Once a realm of decadence and beauty, Briar is now wholly Alyce’s wicked domain. And no one will escape the consequences of her wrath. Not even the one person who holds her heart.

Princess Aurora saw through Alyce’s thorny facade, earning a love that promised the dawn of a new age. But it is a love that came with a heavy price: Aurora now sleeps under a curse that even Alyce’s vast power cannot seem to break. And the dream of the world they would have built together is nothing but ash.

Alyce vows to do anything to wake the woman she loves, even if it means turning into the monster Briar believes her to be. But could Aurora love the villain Alyce has become?

Or is true love only for fairy tales?

My Review:

After reading and thoroughly enjoying Malice last year I could not wait to read the sequel to this duology. As soon as the book was released I got myself a copy and added it to my reading pile. Luckily a few of the members of my book club wanted to read this so we did a buddy read, although I was a month behind them both!

The story picks up where the previous book left off and we are back in Alyce’s world where Princess Aurora is still asleep. Desperate to find a cure Alyce, with the help of Regan, welcomes other creatures to the palace who have faced the same torment she has and she starts to build her own court.

We then skip forward a century and are in the thick of the Dark Court where Alyce leads all it’s inhabitants. Desperate to break the curse Alyce has been researching and trying several ways to wake Aurora but the fear that she won’t remember Alyce and their love for each other has stopped her from taking the easiest route.

This was an epic sequel to the story. Filled with emotion, love and friendship as well as war, betrayal and deceit I could not stop reading and it felt so good to be back in Alyce’s world. I loved the Imps and their cheeky ways, whilst I can imagine they would be irritating they have a way of winning everyone over.

If you go into this book thinking it’s going to be about a war, breaking the curse and living happily ever after then you are sorely mistaken. This story shows the characters at their best and quite often their worst with everyone having ulterior motives, even Alyce. It’s a battle between good and evil where both sides are desperate to win and those we often paint as the villains show there is so much more to them then we have been lead to believe.

Alyce’s journey through this second book is like a roller coaster. At times you felt she was winning and finding her feet and then a new betrayal or action would put her back at square one. She is without a doubt the toughest of the bunch and watching her soar to her final destiny was fantastic. I’m just sad that this series is now over!


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