Blog Tour – Confessions of A Helicopter Mummy

Title: Confessions of A Helicopter Mummy

Author: Catherine Bruton

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction/ Humour

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Source: ARC


Fun-loving, intelligent, sexy journalist and single mum… seeks companionship (ideally), love (possibly), sex (definitely maybe!); laughter (compulsory)…. with like-minded, clever, cute middle-aged single man (no ‘still-married-but-my-wife-doesn’t-get-me’s need apply) Ideally based in the SW…

Parenting journalist Anni is 46 and mum to teenage daughter, Cassie.
It’s two years since her philandering first (and only) love Joel walked out taking the last of her self-confidence with him and she has remained resolutely single ever since.
Her friends decide it’s high time she was back in the dating game; they set up a Tinder profile to encourage her to venture out of her slippers and into her Louboutains.

But Anni is woefully unprepared for the virtual world of romance and trying to learn the protocols of social media might just be a Bitmoji too far…

Swipe right for the most sparkling romantic comedy of the year !

My Review:

I’d like to thank Zoe from Zooloo’s Book Tours for contacting me to take part in this blog tour. I’m a huge fan of the Why Mummy series by Gill Sims and the synopsis of this one instantly made me think of these books.

Our protagonist Anni is an absolute delight. Whether it’s juggling being a single mum, competing with the other mums in the area or trying to juggle all her many suitors she always managed to give me the giggles. Her witty remarks and funny anecdotes were just the remedy I needed to brighten up my day.

As we follow Anni and her quest to get over her ex husband and find her own way we are introduced to the many different styles of parenting. Are you a helicopter mum, a snow plough parent or one of the many others introduced in this fabulous read? I’m sure that every parent out there is guilty of being one or two, maybe three of these at some point in their parenting life. This book perfectly depicted the struggle that all parents face when it comes to raising teenagers and whilst my two little ones aren’t at that stage yet, a part of me feels all the more prepared for it now!

I loved the humour and the cute romance of this story. The will they won’t they had me whizzing through the pages to find that first kiss and the many dating fiasco’s had me grinning from ear to ear! Seeing Anni’s confidence grow and how her relationship changed with her daughter was endearing. This fun, humorous and engaging read is the perfect pick me up for any parent out there who needs that gentle reminder that, as parents, we are doing all that we can to the best of our abilities.

Author Info:

Catherine Bruton studied English Literature at Oxford and has been juggling life as an award-winning children’s author, teacher and mum ever since. Her novels for young people, including the multi-award winning ‘No Ballet Shoes in Syria’ have earned national and international acclaim, but it turns out that writing for and teaching young people are far easier than raising them! Her debut rom-com novel was written during Lockdown and is a tribute to the trials and tribulations of parenthood and dating in the digital era, the amazing mum friends you meet along the way and the joy of raising teens! She lives in a village outside Bath with her husband and two children, who are the best thing that ever happened to her. 

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  1. This sounds delightful. Definitely like one I would thoroughly enjoy. Excellent review! (And you can never be prepared for the teen years – they always bring surprising challenges.)

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