Bloggers To Follow – January 2022

Hello bookworms and welcome!

Last year I took part in a weekly post called ‘Links I’ve Enjoyed This Week’. Every Saturday I would share blog reviews and other bookish posts that I had enjoyed reading. This was a way for me to share some blog love and appreciation to those who come up with different ideas or have supported my blog.

I decided to shake things up a bit this year and dedicate one blog post a month to highlight some bloggers who’s posts I enjoy reading. These bloggers play a big part in the community and have some great ideas. So this doesn’t seem like an endless list I am going to choose two bloggers each month and some of their blog posts that I have enjoyed. Shall we see who I’m highlighting this month?


Em is a lovely UK based blogger that set up NetGalley November with her friend Lisa. This month long readathon first took place in 2020 and from that the #TsundokuSquad book club was born. Em is one of the lovely members of the group who not only has similar tastes in books to me but also has the same OCD tendencies when organising is concerned. Every month Em takes on the role of writing up our book club read thoughts and she always does an amazing job. With a tbr pile that is forever growing and a gorgeous rainbow book collection, Em is never short on books to read and is guaranteed to give an honest and balanced review. Aside from the book reviews Em also takes part in some weekly/monthly memes and has created one or two of her own. These are just a selection of her blog posts I’ve enjoyed this past month.

Map Monday #26

Emandherbook Recommends: Books To Make You Ugly Cry (3)

22 For 2022 Reading Challenge

Q – Book Review

Tessa Talks Books

I came across Tessa, a US based book blogger, a couple of years ago and she is now known as one of my staple bloggers. I know I can rely on Tessa to fill my blog feed with exciting reviews and weekly features that I will enjoy reading. From Tessa you can expect honest, well written reviews with no spoilers and her thoughts on the #BookBloggerHop every Friday are always illuminating. Tessa is also one of those bloggers that takes the time to comment on others posts and to share them across social media. These are some of her blog posts that I have enjoyed this past month.

Bookish Artwork

The Maid – Book Review

Sunday Post 61

Anatomy A Love Story – Book Review

These are just two of the fantastic bloggers that I follow so if you’re not already following them then check out their awesome blogs!

That’s it for this month but be sure to check back as I will be sharing two more bloggers in February.

Until then, happy reading folks.

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