Audiobook Review – The Heights

Title: The Heights

Author: Louise Candlish/ Narrated by Genevieve Gaunt, Mile Twomey & Louise Candlish

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Goodreads Rating: 3.92

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Source: ARC


He thinks he’s safe up there.
But he’ll never be safe from you.

The Heights is a tall, slender apartment building among the warehouses of Shad Thames, its roof terrace so discreet you wouldn’t know it existed if you weren’t standing at the window of the flat directly opposite. But you are. And that’s when you see a man up there – a man you’d recognize anywhere. He’s older now and his appearance has subtly changed, but it’s definitely him.

Which makes no sense at all since you know he has been dead for over two years.

You know this for a fact.

Because you’re the one who killed him. 

My Review:

I’d like to thank NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for approving me of an ARC of this book.

From the beginning I was instantly drawn in. I loved the excerpts from the Time Magazine Article and how it jumped back and forth between present day and the time surrounding Kieran’s death. I wanted to know what happened and why Kieran was still around.

I sympathised with Ellen so much. As a mum I can imagine how heart breaking it is to see your child take a path that you wouldn’t of chosen. I could also understand her animosity and concern with Kieran, after all Lucas’ life had been plain sailing until he was on the scene. As a parent you are forever trying to make judgement calls on when to get involved and when to take a step back and Ellen struggled to restrain herself at times. The relationship between Ellen and Vic was very interesting. Whilst they clearly didn’t love each other they were bonded by their love for Lucas. The worked together to try and see him through this rough patch and it was refreshing to see two separated parent’s on the same wave length.

When Vic’s narration was introduced the story took a completely different turn. Once again his part in Kieran’s death was revealed piece by piece and whilst I knew I would be shocked at the ending I hadn’t expected it to go that way!

This is a brilliant, compelling novel that explores the depth of family bond, loyalty and grief. A fantastic psychological thriller that will leave you dizzy from being up on The Heights!


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