Author Bio – Lucy Dawson

Hello everyone!

This year I have decided to do a monthly blog about some of my favourite authors. Each month I will be giving a brief outline about them, my favourite book and why I like them. I hope you enjoy the authors I have chosen and hopefully my post will inspire some of you to pick up one of their books. Lets get started!

Name: Lucy Dawson

Nationality: British

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Favourite Book: The Secret Within

First Book I Read: The Memory

Why I Like Them: I first discovered Lucy Dawson on Borrow Box. I love crime/thriller books and after listening to The Memory I went on to listen to White Lies and requested The Secret Within on NetGalley. Lucy Dawson has mastered the art of deception but with her latest release she had the real shock factor. I always know a big twist or revelation is going to hit me and yet I’m always knocked sideways by it. I still have plenty of Lucy’s books to devour and luckily they are all available on Borrow Box!

Have you read any of his books? Which was your favourite?


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