Book Review – Cathas and the Squirrel Incident

Title: Cathas and the Squirrel Incident

Author: Tessa Bremner

Genre: Children’s Fiction

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Source: ARC


Catch up with the Peace family and their beloved pets as they have adventures and cause chaos for their owners. Read about Cathas, the ginger Tom, who is convinced he is Spanish and is a descendant of Puss in Boots. There is Lizzy, the Jack Russel, who is never intentionally nice to anyone, Phoebe, who loves food, and George, the Springer Spaniel, who thinks he has swallowed a dictionary.

My Review:

I’d like to thank Tessa Bremner for allowing me to read and review her debut book.

This is a delightful story about the Peace family and their collection of furry friends. In this story we see the introduction of Cathas the cat, much to Mr Peace’s annoyance! From the moment Cathas enters the home it is clear that the three dogs do not like their new feline companion, especially Lizzy.

What follows is an entertaining read about Cathas and how he settles into life with the Peace family. I thought the squirrel incident was highly entertaining and I found myself chuckling as the scene unfolded. I can imagine that this would make a really good audiobook as well, especially as the animals all have different accents.

Tessa Bremner has given even more personality to our four legged companions and has only made me wonder even more what my two little pups would sound like if they could talk. This delightful story will have children giggling and falling in love with the Peace family. I can’t wait to see what adventures Cathas and the crew get up to next!


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