Stay At Home Book Tag

Hello, readers!

This tag was originally created by @PaperbackMary (aka Princess of Paperback on Youtube). If you want to give it a go then consider yourself tagged!!

Q1. LAYING IN BED … the book you could or have read in a single day

This was an exceptional debut that I read in one day! Loved it so much

Q2. SNACKING … pick a book that’s a guilty pleasure read

I don’t have guilty pleasures I never feel embarrassed about what I have read.

Q3. NETFLIX … the book series you want to start

I’ve heard some great things about this series. The books are quite big but I’m hoping to get to them soon.

Q4. DEEP CLEAN … the book that’s been on your TBR for ages

All of them!! I have a lot in my collection that I still need to read but this one has been sitting there for a while.

Q5. ANIMAL CROSSING … a book you recently bought because of the hype

I’m forever in the book shops finding latest release bargains based on other reviewers recommendations. I recently picked up a copy of The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave after hearing some great things about it.

Q6. PRODUCTIVITY … the book you learnt from, or that had a big impact on you

Told from the POV of children in WW2 this book broke my heart. It was beautiful and eye opening to the horrors that many faced in that time.

Q7. FACETIME … book you were gifted

I recently one a copy of this beautiful book by Harriet Evans. Can’t wait to read it.

Q8. SELF CARE … what is the one thing you’ve done recently to look after yourself?

I love to have a really long hot bubble bath in the winter evenings. I light a few candles and dive into a book to unwind after a long week.

BONUS … name an upcoming release that you’re looking forward to

I’m about to start this one and I’m very excited about it!

Don’t forget if you want to join in the give it a go!


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  1. The Steig Larsson is always a winner. I only read the original three books, not the two later sequels. I was thinking that a character like Lisbet Salander today (is that the right name? must check) is almost text book: a bit aspergers; a bit genius; from an ultra dysfunctional family; abused etc. In 2005 though no-one had really seen anything like this.

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