NetGalley November 2021

Hello bookworms!

It’s back and I couldn’t be happier! I had such a blast taking part in this month long readathon last year and met a fantastic group of people too. This year the lovely hosts Em and Lisa have turned things up a notch and added a few extras to make things more interesting. For more info check out their dedicated Twitter page @NetGalleyNov

What is NetGalley November?

It is a month long readathon where you focus on clearing your back log on NetGalley. Whether you have 10 books or 100’s of books the aim is to end up with a better ratio then when you started and enjoy talking about the different books we’ve read. There will be reading sprints and you are bound to find someone with the same books as you too! This year there will also be a giveaway. All you have to do is read a book per prompt below to qualify.


Obviously the latest approval one will be a last minute choice as I have a few waiting to be approved but I have managed to find others to fit the remaining prompts…

The girls have made some fantastic templates as well for us to use throughout the month. As I head into the challenge this is how my current stats are looking.

Considering that I achieved 100% feedback ratio last year I have done considerable damage to my NetGalley! Looks like I am definitely in need of this readathon! Is your NetGalley out of control? Don’t forget if you want to join then just head over to Twitter or Instagram!

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