Audiobook Review – Meet Me in Another Life

Title: Meet Me In Another Lide

Author: Catriona Silvey/ Narrated by Kristin Atherton

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Romance, Sci-Fi

Goodreads Rating: 3.83

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Source: ARC


Two people. Infinite lifetimes. One impossible choice.

Thora and Santi are strangers in a foreign city when a chance encounter intertwines their fates. At once, they recognize in each other a kindred spirit—someone who shares their insatiable curiosity, who is longing for more in life than the cards they’ve been dealt. Only days later, though, a tragic accident cuts their story short.

But this is only one of the many connections they share. Like satellites trapped in orbit around each other, Thora and Santi are destined to meet again: as a teacher and prodigy student; a caretaker and dying patient; a cynic and a believer. In numerous lives they become friends, colleagues, lovers, and enemies. But as blurred memories and strange patterns compound, Thora and Santi come to a shocking revelation—they must discover the truth of their mysterious attachment before their many lives come to one, final end.

My Review:

I’d like to thank NetGalley and Harper Collins UK for approving me for an ARC of this book.

I have to begin with a huge applause to Kristin Atherton for the fantastic narration. As a listener she drew me in and I felt that the voices she gave to Thora and Santi were brilliant. She captured their personality and made them recognisable. All the different accents were delivered flawlessly and her ability to portray the emotion and different aged voices was exceptional.

When I had finished this book I sat and pondered my review for a few days. What could I possible say about this story that showed how much I loved it. The entire concept was unique, well developed and unlike anything I had ever read before. The first part of the story we see Thora and Santi in may different lives, being many different things to each other. As a reader I was confused about what was going on but in a good way. I felt like one of the characters in their story trying to fit together the puzzle pieces and nothing could explain what was happening.

Once we hit part two things started to become clearer and I loved the way it was all heading. Santi and Thora tortured themselves and each other showing many different sides to them, I loved their imperfections and the ongoing debates. I often found myself siding with Santi but I think that is because I’m an optimist at heart.

The final part of the story was packed with emotion and drama that gave me the perfect finish. I was addicted to the story and stayed up very late to finally learn the reason behind Thora and Santi’s fate. As characters I loved them and felt fully invested in each of their stories. Out of the two I felt that Santi sometimes got the raw end of the deal, he seemed to have some very hard lives but kept the optimism that things would get better. The ending ultimately broke my heart and left me speechless.

As soon as I finished this epic story I went back through and reread a few chapters again. It was amazing to see all the little breadcrumbs that had been left behind and carried forward in each of the stories. When describing this book to my husband I related back to some movies that we’d both seen. This was Interstellar meets Inception meets The Time Traveller’s Wife; a story of life, our choices, fate and all the in between.

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