The Book Snob Tag

Hello fellow book lovers!

I originally came across this tag on Flowers In The Brain. We all know we have our preferences as a reader so shall we see how snobby I am haha!

ADAPTATION SNOB: DO YOU ALWAYS READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOU SEE THE MOVIE? – I normally like to read the book before watching the movie however sometimes I’ve not realised until after I’ve watched a film that it was based on a book. What I have been in the habit of doing is reading the book and watching the film straight away to do a direct comparison.

2. FORMAT SNOB: YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE 1 FORMAT IN WHICH TO READ BOOKS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE: PHYSICAL BOOKS, EBOOKS, OR AUDIOBOOKS? – I would have to choose physical books. I love all formats and mix it up all year round but you can not beat a physical book!

3. SHIP SNOB: WOULD YOU DATE OR MARRY A NON-READER? – Well my husband doesn’t really read so I guess yes. He used to read a lot as a child but lost the passion as he got older. We have an agreement though, he can talk to me about cars and motorbikes provided I can rant and rave about my books.

4. GENRE SNOB: YOU HAVE TO DITCH ONE GENRE – NEVER TO BE READ AGAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. WHICH ONE DO YOU DITCH? – I would probably say non-fiction. Whilst I do enjoy the genre I get more from reading other genres.

5. UBER GENRE SNOB: YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE TO READ FROM ONE GENRE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. WHICH GENRE DO YOU CHOOSE? Oooh this is a toughy! I’m going to say historical fiction as there is usually some romance and unsolved mysteries in there so I get a little bit of everything.

6. COMMUNITY SNOB: WHICH GENRE DO YOU THINK RECEIVES THE MOST SNOBBERY FROM THE BOOKISH COMMUNITY? Again this is another tough question. I would probably say romance. I see a lot of criticism about how it is written, the amount of or lack of it.

7. SNOBBERY RECIPIENT: HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SNUBBED FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE BEEN READING OR FOR READING IN GENERAL? A lot of my friends don’t read as much as me so they don’t always understand my excitement of books or why I would want them as a gift. Luckily I have the lovely book community that share in my excitement!

I really enjoyed answering those questions and looking back at my answers I don’t think I sound too snobby? Fancy giving this a go then consider yourself tagged!

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  2. The title of this tag is funny. I don’t usually do tags, but I am going to save this one and perhaps do it down the road. I always enjoy reading people’s answers to these tags, I learn something about them and their reading habits.

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