Silver Linings Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Silver Linings Blog Tour!

I’d like to thank Helen Lewis from LitPR for contacting me to take part, I hope you all enjoy the tour and my review of this new release.

Title: Silver Linings

Author: Jess Impiazzi

Genre: Non-fiction (Autobiography/Celebrity Memoir)

Goodreads Rating: 4.0

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Source: ARC


Jess’s acting dreams were derailed as a teenager when her mum became blind and Jess stepped in as her primary carer leaving her education behind. Silver linings follows the actress, model and reality TV star on a journey of self discovery, harsh lesson and heart-break since childhood. From supporting her alcoholic father to losing her baby nephew, betrayal by her ex-husband and her own mental health issues. Silver linings is an inspiring, authentic, powerful, raw book about following your dreams, smashing down challenges and celebrating kindness.

My Review:

Any regular followers on my blog will know that non-fiction is not my go to genre but when I read the synopsis it intrigued me. I am not familiar with Jess Impiazzi nor have I seen any of the reality shows that she participated in. Like most I saw her as a beautiful reality tv star who lives the high life, after reading her autobiography I couldn’t of been more wrong.

The only thing I am right about is how beautiful she is and this beauty is reflected on the inside too. Jess comes from a troubled past and whilst this topic is covered in some detail what reflects from the book is a journey of self discovery. Jess never let the past define who she was or stop her from achieving and the more I read of her story the more I liked her. She showed the true power of self belief and positive thinking even when you think the world is against you.

Jess’s mum Debbie, is an amazing and inspirational woman, I can see why Jess idolises her. I enjoyed the chapter where Jess interviews her mum about being blind, it was great to hear it in her own words. The courage and bravery she showed in getting the life she wanted was truly admirable, what was even more amazing was what Jess and her mum did for Jess’s dad. That chapter absolutely shocked me and showed both women in their true light as immensely caring and kind people.

This is an open and honest account of her life and Jess isn’t afraid to admit her mistakes or moments that she isn’t proud of, instead she shares how this shaped her and why she made those choices. I loved reading about her achievements in the ‘Climbing Mountains’ chapter as well as her mum’s journey when she went blind. The bonus chapter ‘Guide Dogs Stories’ was a real eye opener to the work and money that goes into their training and it was fascinating to learn about the process.

This was a candid account of Jess life and should definitely not be missed!


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