20 Books For Christmas Book 15 Review – All These Beautiful Strangers

Title: All These Beautiful Strangers

Author: Elizabeth Klehfoth

Genre: YA Mystery

Goodreads Rating: 3.87

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Source: Paperback


In the last day of summer, Grace Fairchild, the beautiful young wife of real estate mogul Allister Calloway, vanished from the family’s lake house without a trace, leaving behind her seven-year old daughter, Charlie, and a slew of unanswered questions.

Years later, seventeen-year-old Charlie still struggles with the dark legacy of her family name and the mystery surrounding her mother. Determined to finally let go of the past, she throws herself into life at Knollwood, the prestigious New England school she attends. Charlie quickly becomes friends with Knollwood’s “it” crowd.

Charlie has also been tapped by the A’s—the school’s elite secret society well known for terrorizing the faculty, administration, and their enemies. To become a member of the A’s, Charlie must play The Game, a semester-long, diabolical high-stakes scavenger hunt that will jeopardize her friendships, her reputation, even her place at Knollwood.

As the dark events of past and present converge, Charlie begins to fear that she may not survive the terrible truth about her family, her school, and her own life. 

My Review:

I was a bit dubious about starting this one. I’m always weary of longer books as there is that concern that it will be a drag and I’d end up slogging my way through it, hence why it’s taken me so long to get to it. Boy was I wrong!

This was the perfect mash up of Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl but better! I started it one weekend and neglected everything until I had finished it. Come Sunday night the book was complete and all I could ask myself was why did I wait so long to read it?

There was so much going on with a lot of storylines weaving in and out of each other but I never found myself lost or confused. I loved the elite ‘A’ group and the whole initiation process, it reminded me just how cruel teenagers and school life could be. The relationships between Charlie and the other Knollwood student’s were interesting. I enjoyed seeing them develop and change particularly her relationship with Leo and Dalton. Whilst I was a little concerned about Dalton’s motives I do believe he was a genuine person and cared for Charlie, it’s just a shame that he got caught up in everything.

To top it all off we also had Charlie playing detective trying to figure out what happened to her mother and why she deserted them. I found the chapters where we were taken to past events a refreshing change from the school drama. The story between Grace and the Calloway’s was complex and beyond anything I imagined when I embarked on this story. Whilst my heart was broken at the end I couldn’t think of any other way to end Grace’s story.

Even though there was sadness at the end I did have a huge hooray moment for Charlie and what she did to change not only her path but everyone else’s. She had started as a conceited, stubborn and sarcastic character but by the end she had found her moral compass and used it for good. She become more and more likeable and relatable as the book went on which only made the book better.

For a debut this was incredible. The writing was detailed, beautiful, characters were well developed and there was a plot to keep me intrigued throughout. The story had everything; drama, mystery, romance and of course heartbreak!

This means I only have 5 books left to finish my current reading challenge! and I am one book away from 100% feedback ratio on NetGalley!

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