The Ultimate TBR

Hello everyone!

Back in the summer I decided to do something bookishly crazy! I blame it on my OCD tendencies but I hated my Goodreads shelves. I thought they were messy and unorganised so I changed that. I know that there are some out there that aren’t a fan of Goodreads but I find its an easy way for me to track what I’ve read etc.

The first thing I did was delete any book I had read prior to joining the Goodreads/Blogging world. This brought my number of books read down from 400+ to 200! I know I’m absolutely bonkers but to be honest half the books on my read list I read as a early teen and I fancied giving them a reread. I wanted all my books on that shelf to have a proper star rating and review and now they do and they are all in the edition that I actually read rather than the default one set by Goodreads.

Next I deleted all my ‘want to read’ books. I only left any ARC’s that were outstanding. I personally found the ‘want to read’ list overwhelming and it made it really hard for me to choose a book to read. Now that my ARC list is smaller I plan to add my TBR for each month so the list doesn’t get ridiculously long.

My goal is basically to reread my collection, not including any books read after 2017 (when I joined the blogging world). I can then add them back onto Goodreads with a star rating and a decent review. I’m looking forward to reading the collection again, some of these books haven’t been touched for 15 years or so! With almost 500 books in my physical collection and 130 ish of them read in the last three years. I know I have more than doubled my TBR pile but I think a true bookworm will always have a large reading pile.

So wish me luck, I’ve got a lot of reading to do!!


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  1. Ahh I can relate a lot! Goodreads shelves are so handy but so easy to lose track of… wishing you all the very best because that sounds very ambitious haha!

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  2. I deleted my first goodreads account before I started blogging and put thoes books I had already read in the want to read pile. I do aim to read them again but the I do not use this section to read books so you have just given me the idea to delete it. This means I can say I do not have a large TBR, apart from the books I am reading for challenges, posts, ARCS or any other book in the world

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