NetGalley November

Hello bookworms!

Yesterday I announced that I would be taking part in two reading challenges this month, the first one being Readathin. Today’s post is all about my second challenge which you’ve probably guessed is NetGalley November! This is being hosted over on Twitter and Instagram by Em and her Books & Girl Novel Living. I am desperate to get my 100% feedback ratio and with 7 ARC’s remaining I’m making a big push to do it this month. This is what my current stats look like:

I know my stats are actually quite good but a lot of the ARC’s are shamefully quite old so I would like to see them gone before I request some newer ones. This is what I plan to read:

I’ve got some interesting reads left and have already made a start on The Coffin Path. I’m most excited to read Tuesday Mooney and The Perfect Life. Hopefully they will live up to the expectation.

Don’t forget if you want to join then just head over to Twitter or Instagram!


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