Off The Grid Readathon Update

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I decided to take part in the fourth and final Off the Grid Readathon of the year. It is sad that this was the last one as I always look forward to them. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this readathon here’s some more info:

“Off The Grid” Readathon is hosted by the lovely Shanah @BionicBookWorm and Justine @IShouldReadThat. The readathon happen four times a year over the course of a weekend (Fri-Sun). The aim is to detach yourself from all things that distract you from reading such as social media, tv, games consoles etc and refocus any spare time you have into reading.

The last three rounds I managed to complete a book and a half so this time I wanted to try and finish two books. I was also thinking of keeping track of my reading hours over the 72 hour period. So how did I do?

Day One

Friday’s are a day that my husband works so it’s just me left with my little monkeys. Before the day had started I knew this was going to be a difficult day to cram read without neglecting the children too much. I also spent half an hour listening to an audio book that I couldn’t get in to! By the end of the day I had read about 40% of one book and listened to 2 hours of my audiobook.

Day Two

Today was my lucky day as my husband had conveniently arranged to meet with a couple of friends in the evening, obviously following all social distancing rules etc. This meant that by 7pm my little monkeys were fast asleep and I could take full advantage of having a reading evening. I also went for a walk earlier that day and managed to listen to a bit more of my audio book. The only problem I had was by 9pm I was nearly nodding off so whilst I made a dent in the audio book I didn’t read quite as much as I thought. I still had 2 and a half hours of my audiobook and 150 pages of my physical book left.

Day Three

For the final day I was determined to finish both my current reads. Thankfully my little one is teething at the moment and woke me up at 4am so I had snuggles with him on the sofa and finished my audiobook before the rest of the house were awake! The rest of the day was spent seeing some of the family and entertaining the boys so I left my final bit of reading for the evening. As you can imagine by 9pm I was beat so I left my book with 70 pages to finish.

Whilst I didn’t achieve two books I do feel like I made more time for my reading and more importantly I wasn’t staring at my phone and getting distracted by Twitter! Fingers crossed I will break the one and a bit book barrier next year.

Thanks again to the lovely hosts, this readathon has definitely helped me change my reading habits in so many ways!

Did you take part at the weekend? Let me know how you got on in the comments below.


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