Reading & Challenge Update – Quarter Three

Hi all,

Autumn has officially arrived! Whilst this year has had its restrictions it has done wonders for my reading. Lets see what my figures are looking like shall we?

January Reads – 11

February Reads – 11

March Reads – 6

April Reads – 9

May Reads – 7

June Reads – 7

July Reads – 8

August Reads – 11

September Reads – 8

Total Quarter One – 28

Total Quarter Two – 23

Total Quarter Three – 27

Total Beat the Backlist Reads: 41/50

Total Goodreads Reading Challenge: 78 /100

Cheapskate Score: 58 points

I am feeling confident that I will finish all reading goals this year without having to rush to finish in time. For someone who, this time last year, was in a really bad reading slump I am so proud of my reading stats.

Fingers crossed the last quarter is a success!


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