Birthday Bucket List – September

Hi all,

Autumn is here and it’s certainly brought the colder weather with it! If you are a regular follower then you will know that I created a bucket list to complete this year because I am now officially 30! I had to revise it due to COVID-19 but I’m still making good progress. Shall we see what I crossed off this month?

  1. Buy a lottery ticket
  2. Read 100 books So far I have read 78 books!
  3. Listen to an audio book
  4. Sign up to a book subscription service
  5. Complete the 500 piece jellybean puzzle that I started just before Christmas
  6. Read the Philip Pullman ‘His Dark Materials’ Series
  7. Take part in the 20 Books of Summer reading challenge and read the full 20 (instead of the usual 10-15 I did it and I finished it early!
  8. Take a yoga class
  9. Own 500 books – My total so far is 452! Less than 50 to go, I’m feeling confident that I can achieve this.
  10. Cross off all prompts on my Beat The Backlist Bingo Card!
  11. See a psychic
  12. Walk 13 miles (half marathon) I did it! I set out once sunny morning at around 6am and walked around my local town in the sunshine, listening to an audiobook. It was a great morning and after 4 hours I had made it back to my house to have a well deserved cup of tea.
  13. Be debt free
  14. Have £1000 in savings
  15. Blog once a weekI am definitely keeping up with this one. Last month I posted a blog nearly every other day!
  16. Go to see a show
  17. Keep my tax return up to date every month
  18. Remain in the green zone for the Cheapskate Reading Challenge I managed to add another 10 points this month!
  19. Master a Cheese and Spaghetti Souflee
  20. Read a book by an author that is new to me each month – This month I read books by 5 new authors.
  21. Watch Game of Thrones – We are still on the first series!
  22. Read all of the Harry Potter series – I have one book left to read!
  23. Have my NetGalley Feedback ratio at 100% Current NetGalley ratio is 93%. This has increased from 76% at the start of the year. I’m so pleased to be in the 90’s. I only have 7 ARC’s left!
  24. Watch more iconic filmsNo new films this month, I’ve been enjoying my reading too much!
  25. Grow strawberries
  26. Sight see in London
  27. Go on a train
  28. Take part in a readathon
  29. Go on a motorbike
  30. Go to a sushi bar

Total 22/30

I’ve managed to cross one more off this month and I am hopeful that I will finish this list by the end of the year. The NetGalley ratio will be my biggest achievement so I’m looking forward to completing that however I think there are definitely a few I could make some more effort with.

What would be on your list?


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