The Coffee Readathon

After this readathon was brought to my attention by the lovely Monogamist Reader I simply had to sign up. I know I am completely mad to do not one but two readathons in September but this one has a coffee reward card! So I may not get an actual coffee if I complete all the prompts but I get stamps for all the books I read and I think that is a cute idea. Yes I was that child at school that was easily impressed with a sticker. Anyway lets not lose focus and let me tell you more about this readathon.

When is it: September 1-30

Hosts: Jayati & Haley

How to join: Fill out our Google form, HERE

Follow Us: We’ve made accounts for the Readathon, so you can follow us on Twitter @CoffeeReadathon and IG @thecoffeereadathon

How does it work? The goal is to read 7 books to fill up your Coffee Rewards card, and if you feel like it, to also get the three bonus stamps (explained more below). There are seven types of coffees which represent 7 prompts as well, and we’ve even been awesome and let you count some books for 2 prompts!

The Coffees/Prompts: There are seven prompts with their associating coffees, they’ll be listed below, and so will the bonus ones. So, read a book, if it ticks one of the prompts, you fill out THIS FORM and we’ll send you your updated reward card!

What do you get? A very awesome winner’s badge for your blog!

The Bonus Cups: These aren’t necessary to complete the readathon, they’re just for people who want to either read 10 books OR who have read the seven but some books matched not only the 7 cups but the bonus coffees as well. [This means that say you read a book by say, an Asian author that is also a spooky read!]

Here is my TBR, I am aiming for the full ten but will choose the books for the bonus prompts after finishing the main seven. If you are struggling for reading choices that fit the prompts then check out the lovely hosts pages as they have some great suggestions.

I may double up if some of the books fit these prompts if not I’m sure I’ll find a few books amongst my collection that will work.

Will you be joining this challenge?

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