Audiobook Review – Real Crime

Title: Real Crime

Author: Bernard P Achampong/ Thomas Glasser

Goodreads Rating: 3.78

Source: Audiobook

My Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Britain’s most chilling crimes are brought sensationally to life in this compelling new series, using court room transcripts, police interviews, 999 calls, secret audio recordings and eye witness testimonies. With new insights into those responsible – from the shocking murders and manhunt of Raoul Moat to Jamie Bulger’s killers – this show is not for the easily disturbed. 

This immersive, revealing and often shocking series explores some of the UK’s most infamous crimes. Featuring sophisticated sound design, exclusive new interviews and creative use of news archive, the show brings fresh perspectives on the crimes that shocked Britain.

My Review:

I originally chose this Audible Original because it was included in my audible trial and I thought it would be quite an interesting listen. There were a variety of cases and I enjoyed seeing how the handling of cases changed through the different decades.

Each case was unique in its own way but the ones I found most interesting were The Philpotts fire, Louise Woodward case and The Wimbledon Common murder. Listening to some of the actual audios from the crimes was difficult and at points I found it hard to believe that these crimes had actually happened.

Overall it was a quick listen and considering non fiction isn’t my go to genre I was pleasantly surprised. This is another one to add to my Beat the Backlist Challenge and I will also cross off ‘Genre I never/rarely read’.

Have you ever been surprised by a genre you rarely read?


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