September Mini Reviews

Hello all,

With the start of October here I realised that I had been so busy reading that I hadn’t posted any reviews for a while. The majority of my reading was of short books in September so I have decided to compile them into mini reviews.

Some of you may or may not be aware that it was Roald Dahl’s birthday last month and I decided to dedicate some of my reading time to this author. Like most people my age, as a child, Roald Dahl was a huge influence in my reading I grew up reading the likes of Matilda, BFG etc. Here are my mini reviews of the ones I managed to read in honour of his birthday.


I found this rather amusing and wished it was a little bit longer. I had quite a few laugh out loud moments with this one! Especially when he addressed the whole congregation!


The things one would do to make someone notice them and then fall in love with them. Another original idea and an amusing story.


Oh the things I could do if I had a magic finger. There are quite a few people I would like to teach a lesson to. This story does prove that if you walk in someones shoes your perspective changes quite considerably.


And finally I read all about Roald Dahl’s childhood. This was one of my favourite reads out of the collection. The story was told in such a way that children would be able to relate to and understand it. I would loved to of been a chocolate taster or been there when they played the prank in the sweet shop, I think I’ll skip the discipline though. He actually had some very sad times in his childhood which makes his success all the more worth it.

As you can see I did very well with dedicating my reading to Roald Dahl but I wanted to stay away from the classics I had read as a child and try something different. Which of Roald Dahl’s is your favourite?



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