Reading Update – Quarter 3

Hello all!

With a rather awful Quarter two I was hoping to get some more reading done in the second half of the summer. I’m not sure how much I have improved as I know I only managed 12 of my 20 books of summer challenge but fingers crossed I’ve done better than 8! Lets find out…

Total January Reads – 15

Total February Reads – 3

Total March Reads – 1

Total Quarter One – 19

Total April Reads – 5

Total May Reads – 1

Total June Reads – 2

Total Quarter Two – 8 

Total July Reads- 4

Total August Reads – 5

Total September Reads – 7

Total Quarter Three – 16 

Total Beat the Backlist – 21/30

Total Goodreads Reading Challenge – 43/60

Well I wasn’t expecting that! I have doubled my reading in the last quarter. Please excuse me whilst I give myself a little pat on the back. That means I only have 10 to go on my Beat the Backlist challenge and whilst I am one or two books behind on my Goodreads challenge I feel confident that I will catch up with that in no time. With one quarter of the year left and 17 books to go this is one confident bookworm that is raring to read!

How are you getting on with your reading challenges?



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