My Bad Reading Habits – Book Tag

Hello fellow bookworms!

As you all know I am trying to do one book tag a month as I find them quite fun and it makes a change from just doing book reviews. I originally saw this tag last year on Audra’s Book Blabbing  and thought I’d save it for future use.

I am going to share my top 5 bad reading habits with you, I’m sure some of you can relate to them and there are probably a lot more that I could add to the list.


  1. Setting myself goals and then worrying about how to reach them

Sometimes I forget that I am at the busiest point in my life. I work and have a young family so I do have to remind myself that when it comes to reading goals, I need to give myself a break and maybe set some more realistic book goals.

 2. Forcing myself to finish a book

I very rarely find that I don’t enjoy a book that I’ve chosen so if I am struggling I will persevere because I don’t want to admit defeat. In the last couple of years I have only recorded two books as DNF.

3. Reading when I’m tired. 

This seems to be a permanent state at the moment with a small baby but my preferred time to read is before bed. What I need to start doing is going to bed slightly earlier and reading then as I find that I will end up reading the same page because I feel my eyes going.


4. Not reading everyday 

I like to dedicate myself to my reading and try to sit down for a decent amount of time but sometimes that means I won’t read some days. I don’t want to grab 5 minutes here and there I’d rather sit down for 30 minutes straight with no interruptions. However I have found that just sitting down to read a chapter is actually okay, little but often can work. I just need to break the habit.

5. Sticking with my comfort zone

If you’ve read any of my reviews you will know that I love crime/ thriller and a bit of romance. I’ve never been one for sci-fi or non fiction so should I be branching out more? I guess I just stick to what I know because I enjoy it, whether that’s bad or not I don’t know.

So there are my 5 of many bad reading habits. What are yours? Feel free to do your own tag.


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