20 Books of Summer – Book 3 – White Bodies

How has 1 month already passed? I really need to crack down if I’m going to get all 20 books read, this is one challenge I am determined to succeed at. Today’s review not only counts towards this challenge but I am also able to add it to my BeatTheBacklist as well as knock it off my NetGalley list. So technically I’ve killed three birds with one stone? Without further ado here is my review…

This chilling psychological suspense novel–think Strangers on a Train for the modern age–explores the dark side of love and the unbreakable ties that bind two sisters together.

Felix and Tilda seem like the perfect couple: young and in love, a financier and a beautiful up-and-coming starlet. But behind their flawless facade, not everything is as it seems.

Callie, Tilda’s unassuming twin, has watched her sister visibly shrink under Felix’s domineering love. She has looked on silently as Tilda stopped working, nearly stopped eating, and turned into a neat freak, with mugs wrapped in Saran Wrap and suspicious syringes hidden in the bathroom trash. She knows about Felix’s uncontrollable rages, and has seen the bruises on the white skin of her sister’s arms.

Worried about the psychological hold that Felix seems to have over Tilda, Callie joins an Internet support group for victims of abuse and their friends. However, things spiral out of control and she starts to doubt her own judgment when one of her new acquaintances is killed by an abusive man. And then suddenly Felix dies–or was he murdered?

A page-turning work of suspense that announces a stunning new voice in fiction, White Bodies will change the way you think about obsession, love, and the violence we inflict on one another–and ourselves.

Creepy and disturbing are two words that sprang to mind when I put this book down. The first chapter had me intrigued, I love it when a book almost starts at the end and jumps back to fill in the gaps but after the first chapter I did find myself struggling through some of it  I can’t quite put my finger on it but I wasn’t drawn in as much, maybe it was a little dark for me. I have to admit some of the behaviours exhibited by Callie were rather strange, I can’t imagine that I would ever go as far as to eat someone’s hair for example.

Having said that once I had persevered with it I did find myself reading chapter after chapter and wanting to know what was going to happen, especially once time had caught up with itself. Maybe I just needed time to settle into the mood of the book.

There were plenty of interesting characters introduced throughout the story, each with their own background and quirks which added to the disturbed theme running throughout the story. Did I relate to any of them? Not really but I still enjoyed watching the characters and relationships develop.

The ending gave me mixed feelings, I thought the twist was quite good but I felt that the culprits should of had their comeuppance. Callie seemed to develop as a strong character and then ended up falling at the last hurdle, in my opinion.

Weighing up all the pro’s and con’s I think this one belongs in my 3* club. I neither loved it or hated in and would still look to pick up another Jane Robins book in the future.

That’s book 3 done, only 17 more to go!



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