Autumn Reading Challenge #4 – Sunshine & Secrets Review

Hello Everyone!

Autumn has officially arrived and so I thought it was time to put out another review. Unfortunately I tried to pick up Eat Prey Love but it has ended up in my DNF pile. For some reason I could not get on with it. However I am pleased to say that my next book was a quick read that I enjoyed a lot. With the weather turning colder I decided to dive into some last minute sunshine…


When newly heartbroken, michelin-starred chef Millie Harper is offered a job overseeing the setup of The Paradise Cookery School she jumps at the opportunity. Leaving London and her memories of heartbreak behind she hops on a plane to the hilltop cocoa plantation in St Lucia.

But this beautiful island break might be more work than she’d expected….  With only two weeks to have the kitchen installed, cocoa pods going missing from the plantation and the notoriously relaxed island workmen to contend with, she’s going to need some help. Gruff but charming estate manager Zach Baxter, is only too happy to offer his opinions. As the two clash heads can they remain focussed on the job in hand and get the cookery school finished in time?

This book comes with a warning. Make sure you have snacks ready available as this book will make you hungry! The recipes are to die for and I almost felt like I was stood in the kitchen watching Millie create the delicious plates of food. If that isn’t enough then the scenery that is described is breathtaking, St Lucia is now on my list of places to go and visit!

Like most romance books there are the usual cliches with love, betrayal and a bit of mystery. However as 165 pages long I found this one a quick read and was the perfect pick me up for a wintery day.

This is the first in a collection of books, called the Paradise Cookery School, so I am really excited to read onto the next and see how the characters evolve. Will the story follow Millie on or will we focus on a new character with some familiar faces returning?



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