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Recently I have started taking part in book tags. I think they are a fun way to get you to look at your bookshelf differently and sometimes it’s all the motivation you need to get reading. Whilst I wasn’t tagged in this one when I saw it on  The Secret Library Book Blog I added this to my list of tags to be done. So here it goes how much of a book addict am I?


What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

Oooh talk about getting straight to the point! If I have had a mammoth reading session or finished a long book I will normally give myself a day or two off before I pick up my next book. I think the longest I have ever gone is two weeks but that was a few yeas ago. Recently I have been a very dedicated bookworm.

How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?

I usually only carry one and it is which ever book I am furthest through, sometimes that is my kindle others it is a physical book. Whether I actually get a chance to sit and read it is another question.

Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?

Obviously if I have borrowed a book from friends/family I will return it but otherwise I am happy to keep them all. I go as far as collecting authors who’s books I have enjoyed in the same format. If there’s a book that I don’t get on with and I don’t think I am likely to read that author again then I will usually donate to a charity shop. I’m very reluctant to give out my books on lone, for fear of them coming back with dog eared pages!

How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?

I am quite strict with myself at the moment so I will only buy books by authors that I am collecting so I usually spend anything between 20-30 minutes on a bookshop visit. Depends hows large the book collection is as some charity shops only have a small bookcase to browse through.

How much time per day do you actually spend reading?

I haven’t actually timed myself but I would say on average about an hour but that can vary depending on a number of factors. Like most people if I am near the end of the book and I only have 100 or so pages left I will usually sit and finish it in one sitting. It also depends on the time of day, once my little one is in bed I can then spend more time reading but during the day I will grab the odd 10 minutes here and there.

How many books do you reckon you own in total (including e-books).

Physical books I own just over 160 and on my kindle I have another 40 or so. Quite a small collection but it is building steadily.

Approximately how often do you bring up books in conversation?

Again this depends on the audience. I will often talk to my mum or husband about my latest book but I cannot say that all of my conversations focus solely around books.

What is the biggest book (page count) you have finished reading?

The Storm Sister by Lucinda Riley (682 pages)

A book you struggled to finish but refused to DNF?

Probably my latest book Jacob’s Ladder by Brian Keaney. I always try to finish a book but this one was a bit of a struggle.

What are 3 of your main book goals for 2018?

  1. To read 50 books this year.
  2. Take part in some Reading Challenges
  3. Make my TBR pile smaller without adding too many. (I’m too scared to look at that figure at the moment)

Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a reader (maybe via inspiration or incessant nagging)?

Despite nagging my husband he doesn’t enjoy or read as much as me. However my son (who is nearly two) could be a reader. He already likes to sit and look at his picture books on his own and it looks as if he’s really taking in the pictures. I’ll take credit for that one.

Describe what books mean to you in five words?

Adventure, Escapism, Imagination, Learning and Family.


So there are my answers folks, that actually wasn’t as hard as I thought, not sure how much of a book addict I am, there’s always room for improvement!



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