Autumn reading Challenge

Hello fellow book lovers!

Autumn is officially here and with that brings a new challenge. I have found that signing up to challenges this year has kept me motivated and helped bring that TBR pile down. Admittedly it is going down slowly but down is still good. I usually find a challenge to sign up to but I thought why not give it a go and make my own challenge. The challenge will run from 1st October – 30th November, if you are in the mood for a book challenge or want a final shove to complete your reading goal of 2018 then please feel free to join me.

Below you will find statements about the different books you need to find on your bookshelf (either physical or arc’s). You then need to decide which ones you want to read so I guess this is also a semi book tag too. Before you read the statements here are the rules:

  • Please link back to this blog post if you decide to join and use #AutumnReadingChallenge if you are using social media, so we can stay connected.
  • You do not have to read a book for each statement, some of you may find you don’t have a book that is suitable. Although you can not use the same book twice.
  • You don’t have to set the number you are going to read but please answer as many statements as possible.
  • Lastly have fun getting that TBR list smaller.

Without further ado here are the statements:

Autumn is coming

A book with leaves or an autumn theme

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

A book that is about food or has food on the cover

Fancy dress anyone?

A book about mythical creatures such as vampires, werewolves, magic etc

Happy Halloween!

A book told by or about children 

Trick or Treat?

A book with a scary cover or exciting title


A lighthearted book that you think will be fun to read

Firework Night!

A book with a sparkling cover or mentions fireworks

Bonfire Night

A book about fire or depicts fire on the cover

Guy Fawkes

A book about murder 


A book set in a different time 

Remembrance Day

A book that relates to Remembrance day

NetGalley Novemeber

Choose an arc from your NetGalley TBR list


As you can see I’ve tried to theme it with events/occasions that are happening over the next two months. Be as creative as you like with your answers, anything goes and I shall be submitting my answers shortly. If I am the only one taking part at least I’ve had fun creating a challenge.



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